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Features & Events

Main Stage


Head over to our speaker stage and enjoy a performance from a professional tarot card reader doing a group/audience reading, a hypnotist doing an audience hypnosis or psychologist speaking about mental health and breathwork strategies. With an amazing mix of entertainment all day long. An orchestra, fire performance, glow & ariel hoop performance and a contortionist!

Butterbeer Stations


Head to our butterbeer stations and pour yourself a delicious butterbeer!

Makers & Vendors


Our event is filled with all kinds of amazing vendors! They sell crystals, witchy home decor, cosmetics, clothing, accessories, candles and more. You don't wanna miss out on rare items and beautiful displays!

Forest Walk-through


The entire expo is decked out with trees and beautiful forest decor. NOTHING like you've ever seen before making you feel like you're actually in nature! Watch the amazing entertainment in front of a beautiful set up!

Food Trucks & Food Vendors


Enjoy all the amazing food vendors! With food trucks and tons of food vendors. Beavertails, poutine, burgers, fries and more! Vegan and vegetarian options will be there too!

$50 Tattoo's - 3 DIFFERENT ARTISTS


TWO tattoo artists a day doing $50 tattoo's! Come get a beautiful tattoo from one of our incredible artists. 

Tooth Gems


Deck out your beautiful teeth with some bling! Head over to the tooth gem station and pick your diamond or stud!

Tarot Card Readers & Mediums


Extremely accurate readings! Come check out our amazing tarot card readers or mediums for guidance.

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